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The ability to captivate an audience is a gift reserved for a select few. Imagine an artist blessed with the rare ability to sing, rap and scat, on a level in which time remarkably stops to pay homage to unearthly talents.


Well, meet the clock stopper, Septymber, a soulful entertainer whose sound reflects jazz, funk and neo-soul. This music maven's hard hitting rhymes and rich baritone voice has her poised to become the new standard for music excellence.

Born in Georgia and raised in Atlanta since the age of five, she received firsthand exposure to entertainment greatness in the mecca of music. Septymber represents the unshakable mindset of an electrifying artist who displays the maturity of seasoned industry veterans.

Septymber's success is currently riding high off of the massive buzz created over her groundbreaking debut single, “Muziq”, which illustrates her passion for various genres and displays her niche for songwriting. Septymber's music represents the level of success sought by an entertainer whose work will undoubtedly stand the test of time. 

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